Starr spinning alpaca yarn
Tony making felted hats
Ruby in fashion design
Everyone has a job !
This page was last updated: February 9, 2013
.Madison modeling her hand-felted alpaca purse
Brianna feeding the baby
Todd the weaver
Tony testing the water
Ryan leading the parade
Starr & Highlander
  winning ribbons
                Tyson just enjoying the fun
Olivia ready for the roundup
Brianna checking on the herd
Olivia working on her felted purse..rinsing the soap out takes a special twist of the wrist!
Hayden Claire "Chili" Ballis is still new to this world, so she's just watching it all !
Tony & Antonio ready for the competition!
Ruby & Legacy's Tyson
Todd & Vic
Tyson at Alpaca Show
Starr & Legacy's Tyson
  showmanship class
Snow White
Ryan & Vic
Brianna & Legacy's Tyson
Maddie & Hayden
Olivia & Hayden