AOBA (Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association) is the National organization that supports the alpaca breeder in marketing, education, and showing alpacas.  There are 31 Affiliate groups from all over the USA.
SeAA (Southeastern Alpaca Association) is a group of over 300 alpaca owners and breeders living in the southeastern states of Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, and Mississippi.
ARI (Alpaca Registry,Inc.) is the organization that keeps all records of alpacas in the USA and handles the DNA testing to ascertain an alpaca's true lineage.
ALSA (Alpaca and Llama Show Association) is a widely recognized sponsor for  showing registered alpacas and llamas.
GLASO (Georgia Llama and Alpaca Social Organization) is a fun group of fellow alpaca and llama owners in the state of Georgia.
Chattanooga Riverbend Fiber Arts Guild is a great group of fiber enthusiasists and artists. Spinning, weaving, knitting, felting, crochet, bead work, and basket weaving are just some of the many talents shared in this group.
SSLA (Southern States Lama Association) is a regional llama and alpaca group whose purpose is to bring together llama and alpaca owners for education, fun  and fellowship while promoting the health and welfare of the lama industry.
Rural Ads is a great service to help buyers and sellers meet each other. Free ads are available to promote your rural business.
email me   is a fun site loaded with photos and alpaca info. I plan to include new arrivals, events, visitors, and other news-worthy happenings.  Check it out !!!
SEO  is one of the latest and best alpaca marketing directories available to current farms or potential buyers. is a new directory filled with lots of info on all types of pets and livestock. Great website!
Great place for all things needed for the alpaca owner.